Skimill™ is the only indoor equipment enabling modern and efficient XC-poling technique


What is Skimill?

Skimill™ is a unique and patented norwegian training machine.

Skimill™ is the only available indoor exercise equipment for poling just as you would with skis on snow. With other available equipment you are either pulling ropes, or the poles are attached to rails on the floor, not making modern and efficient poling technique possible.

New model

The new Skimill has several great improvements compared to Skimill 1 and 2. First of all we are introducing new and much better belt and pole tip. The new belt is much more wearing resilient and it is also softer. We believe the softer belts are reducing risk of injuries for the most eager and ambitious users. The new type of pole-tip gives a rock solid grip, and practically no wearing.

Another great improvement is the sideways adjustable standing-board. Now you can adjust it more according to your body’s anatomy and where you place the poles.

In addition we have a new computer simultaneously displaying time, heart rate, distance, speed and calorie consumption.

International buyers

The best way to order Skimill is to click «Kjøp" in the navigation menu.

Here you’ll find an ordinary web-shop where you can pick items and shipping and pay with creditcard.

When the payment is done we'll send Skimill the same day. Shipment takes about 4-5 days in Europe.